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Turnkey services helping small businesses and nonprofits maximize their marketing dollars.

Website Design

Project Timeline

Design or refresh your website in 10 days, not 10 weeks! You have a vision and an idea of the direction you want to go in. Let's meet virtually and sort things out. From there, we'll communicate by text or email until we get things just right. It's all about optimizing your time and digital presence and making it manageable and affordable.

We connect.

You talk. I listen.

1-2 hours

I design & automate.

You have more time & energy.

1-2 weeks

I turn it over to you.

You engage people.

When you're ready.

People are delighted!

People tell friends about you!

All the time.

Ready to get started?

Helping small businesses and nonprofits maximize their marketing dollars by creating simple, effective and affordable websites and inbound communications. Let's schedule some time to chat.



Hi, I'm Pamela Jacobs. I enjoy helping busy nonprofits and small business owners go digital without going broke.

Content Marketing Certified


Inbound Certified


As a nonprofit, entrepreneur or small business owner, you are vision-oriented, smart and savvy. You are tech friendly. You understand with websites, you are at the wheel. You can drive and control what people see and how you're perceived.  There’s less guesswork and more concrete evidence on people’s behavior and thought patterns.

You've found that inbox, social media and discussion forums make it easier to understand your clients or constituents. You can then target them with engaging and well-researched content.


You've thought about building or redoing your own site with one of today's many user-friendly and economical a DIY platform options. You're sure that once it's up and running, you can manage it in-house. BUT, you just don't have the time, desire or designer's eye.

Here's where I can step in to help and turn things over to you when you're ready.

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