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Writer's Block? 3 Go-To's That Work.

Updated: Jan 29, 2020

If it happens to pulitzer prize winners, it can happen to you. Keep these tips handy and the words will flow.

Yep. Writer's block happens to writers. Don't sweat it. Whether you're writing a school paper or blog post, sometimes your mind goes numb. Here are 3 go-to's to get going.

1. A Trusted Friend

Who has given you better inspiration and motivation over the years than one of your trusted friends? Go to them and have a conversation about topics, trends, and community happenings. You're sure to walk away with some ideas. Friends too busy? The NY Book Editors highly suggest Joining a writing community for support.

2. Your Music Playlist

Writing playlists are a lot like workout playlists. You need music to get you motivated and music to keep you going, even when you might want to stop. Here is the sways, influencer advocate, Julia Hunter's ultimate writer’s playlist.

3. Inspirational Writing Apps

Check out Forbes, non-fiction author, Bryan Collin's list of favorite creative writing apps and software. There are many choices at the right value to your budget. Become a writer today!

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