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11 Spring Marketing Tips

Refresh your small business this Spring season!

1. Do Some Spring Cleaning - Do you have too much inventory of something? Create an irresistible offer to purge it!

2. Add Vibrancy to Your Campaigns - Match your messaging to the seasons with vibrant colors and themes of revitalization.

3. Run Facebook Contests Around the Spring Holidays - Easter, Mother's Day, Earth Day and Memorial Day is a great time to build your email list.

4. Focus on the Theme of Renewal - Focus on a new look for your website's landing page, a new feature, or perhaps a new product or service offering to go along with the spirit of renewal.

5. Work Tax Season into Your Marketing - Partner with your local tax service and/or offer tax incentives.

6. Bring People Together - Winter coops people up, so get them back together through meet ups, workshops, industry events, local events, sales and promotions.

7. Do Some Local Clean-Up - Invite the community to join in!

8. Thank People - Kindness always wins!

9. Clean Up Your Web Presence - Clean up misspellings and grammar on your pages. Update your calendars. Use image captions that include your target key words. Start a blog.

10. Partner with Relevant Businesses - Spring is a good time for wedding venues, restaurants, florists, and travel businesses. See if you can partner with brands in any of these areas and build some extra brand awareness.

11. Sponsor a Local Sports Team - If your ideal customer is a busy mother shuttling kids or a running enthusiast, sponsoring a team or an event might be a good marketing strategy for your business.

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